Our basil and chives plants were out of control, so I finally harvested them! 🌱 I am now learning the art of oven-drying. The whole place smells like YUM.

Geocaching, already one of my favorite adventuring methods, is improved drastically by the presence of random cats. 🧭😻

cat under a wooden bench among wild grasses

Today @FunkyPlaid and I had a picnic lunch in Council Crest Park and hiked part of the Marquam Trail. 🥾🌲🧭 Perfect weather, beautiful surroundings, stellar company. And we geocached, too!

selfie of cygnoir and funkyplaid

Tonight: a bubble suspended before the pop for hours and hours. How did we do it? Could have been the soap, the wind, the lack of careless elbows, the breath inside, or all of it, or none. I’ll stop wondering and be grateful.

Today our library building was open to the public for eight hours straight. A year and a half ago I had no idea what an achievement that could be. Months of planning to get back to what I took for granted.

Last night, when the heat broke, we went outside and let the breeze carry our voices around the street. 30° drop, temp free-fall. Hosing off our feet. Soft chat with neighbors. I fell asleep hugging a frozen towel.

Tonight was Tigard’s first Pride parade! 🏳️‍🌈 I asked for help decorating my car, and the thirteen-year-old grand marshals of the parade obliged with liquid chalk and awesome quotes. Here’s my favorite!

chalk on car window that reads "I'm bisexual I get anxiety around girls and boys"

Finished reading: Gender Queer: A Memoir by Maia Kobabe 📚 What a triumph of a graphic novel, relating eir deeply personal experiences with meaningful and compelling images. I loved it!

Shoved myself outside of my comfort zone tonight to attend a social gathering with other local writers. It was so far beyond what I had hoped for that I’m still beaming with delight!

Watching the sun set in a virtual world. 🌅 What a time to be alive!

screenshot from Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Currently reading: The Hidden Palace by Helene Wecker. I loved The Golem and the Jinni, so I am thrilled to be reading the sequel! 📚


I’m about to return to work after 11 days (mostly) off, and I can confirm that the most valuable part of my time away was identifying and connecting with who I am outside of my job, my productivity level, and my relative value to society.

I hadn’t had proper downtime since the pandemic began. A few days off a couple of times, but nothing during which I could truly unplug and just be. Our cats teach us how every day.

As I’m now fully vaccinated, I even ventured out into the world to see friends in person. What I took for granted a year and a half ago is now this rare and special treat, one that makes me quite emotional.

As the sun’s warmth seeps back into our days, I feel less panicked, less wrung-out: something adjacent to better. I’ll take it.

Today’s cooking project: a bit of vegan breakfast happiness with Minimalist Baker’s Easy Tempeh Bacon. 👩🏻‍🍳 Flavorful and protein-packed!

slices of vegan bacon on parchment paper

I’m delighted with the color and shading of Oblation Olive ink! 🖋

ink test of olive green ink

This is a fun pattern to knit! 🧶 It will look gorgeous once it is blocked.

close-up of knitting with blue variegated yarn

📚 Reading: “Riverine” by Danielle Jorgenson-Murray, a beautifully bittersweet story about a woman married off to a river. Published in Reckoning, a journal of creative writing on environmental justice.

Can’t get enough of Lo-Fang’s cover of “You’re the One That I Want”. 🎧 Finally, a version that captures the creepiness!

Next on the needles: I’m practicing YO (yarn over) with this drop-stitch scarf pattern. 🧶

start of a knitted scarf with variegated blue yarn

Pen friends: Oblation Papers & Press is having a sale on fountain pen ink, including their own new brand! Oblation Olive looks beautiful. And peep that dusky purple Kyo No Oto Sakuranezumi. 😍🖋️

The one thing I wanted so badly to give FunkyPlaid for his birthday today was a visit to Scotland, our other home. But we indulged in high tea from Lovejoy’s, and a friend sent some lush Scottish treats. Missing our family and friends there so much!

Novel Eats, our summer of local food carts in the library parking lot, kicks off today with Bubbles & Treats! My drink is the Moxie with coconut milk. So good!

Criminy and Crivens love it when I wind skeins of yarn into “cakes” with my swift. 😻🧶😻

two tabby cats looking curiously at a yarn swift

Finished the triangle garter wrap! 🧶 I’m glad it’s done, but I’ll miss getting lost in the pattern’s cozy simplicity.

dark purple knitted wrap around my neck

I stand by the recommendations in this post, Writing On the Go, with one amendment: After using Field Notes for a while now, I’m switching back to pocket notebooks with Tomoe River paper. Paper preference is so personal!

This week has been such A Week that getting my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine was the least notable thing that happened. 🩹 The side-effects were milder this time (whew) and I’ll be fully vaccinated on May 4th!

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